Updated Jan 5 2020

Privacy Policy

We want to make our privacy policy as clear as possible, so here's what we do, and what we don't do, in simple terms:

What data the app does collect & access:

Your Location

Your location is accessed after you provide the app access via iOS Permissions.

Why does the app use it ?

To provide weather information based on your location.

Where is it stored ?

Your location is stored on the device. It is not stored on our server.

When is it transmitted ?

Your location is transmitted over secure HTTPS to the server when requesting weather data for your location.

App Analytics

Actions you perform in the app are transmitted our server.

Why are analytics used ?

To help us understand how people use the app so we can improve the experience over time.

Where is the data stored ?

App Store Analytics and Google Analytics.

Crash Information

When the app encounters a crash or an error anonymous details are sent to our server

Why are crash logs used ?

To help us improve the stability and performance of the application.

Where is the data stored ?

App Store Analytics and Bugsnag.com

What Collect3 stores:

Your name & email via correspondence

When you contact us via email for support or feedback, your name & email address is stored on our email server.

What will we do with this information ?

Your email and name is only used to provide support. We will not use this for marketing purposes.

How long is it stored for ?

Your correspondenace may be stored for up to 3 years. If you wish for emails to be deleted, please let us know via support@collect3.com.au

What the app does not collect & access:

Does not collect your personal information

The app does not access your photos, contacts, email address, or any personal information you don't provide access to.

Does not resell / provide location or usage information to third parties.

The app does not provide any information about your usage of the app to third parties.

Does not connect any of the location or usage information to your private details (name, email etc).

The app does not link any information about your usage of the app to your personal information.

More Information

If you'd like further information or clarification on our Privacy Policy you can contact us at support@collect3.com.au